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Studio ARQ, LLC



About Us

Studio ARQ is a full-service architectural firm offering design, planning, and owner representation services.

We design and build timeless, functional, and beautiful architecture that serves its community. Our community.

ARQ, stands for an abbreviation to ARQUITECTO. In Latin countries, the name of the person is preceded by the profession practiced; also the letters ARQ are placed next to signatures to indicate that we practice the profession of Architecture. As an homage to the title, the profession and our heritage - our Studio is named ARQ.

Studio ARQ is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).


Your space defines you. It's where you work and play, where you teach and learn, where you spend and earn, and where you eat and sleep. We infuse your vision with 30 years of our expertise, then pour ourselves into every building, every structure, every space we design and build.

We’re a team of creative pragmatists. Every day we marry form and function to produce the happily-ever-after building that you can not only admire, but utilize with ease and joy for not just years, but for decades.


We don’t just work for clients; we connect with them. Our team won’t come to your first meeting with a bunch of plans and papers. We’ll come with open minds and hearts – ready to hear your vision, share our skill, and forge a creative connection that lasts long after the project is completed. That’s why our business comes to us via word-of-mouth.


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Rep/Contact Info

Cesar Santoy

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